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  • Splendour, sheer splendour!

    Splendour, sheer splendour!

    It’s just impossible to write anything negative about this exhibition. We have to praise it and praise it to the roof. Even if thinking about fabrics and textiles – tapestries, […]

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  • A fashion animal

    A fashion animal

    Fashion Magazine – we are opening a new section of the Art in Brief blog. It’s appearance that matters. And so are your likes and shares. Bogusław Deptuła – A […]

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  • With a set square

    With a set square

    The undercoat, the base of your works, is usually very unusual – you opt for old wooden boards and used tracing paper. Why is it so? As the base for […]

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  • Like boys

    Like boys

    Hands up those who wouldn’t like to wear gear by Comme des Garcons! Who didn’t queue up in 2008 in H&M to purchase, at the very least, the spotted shawl […]

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  • Railway revolution

    Railway revolution

    Unsurprisingly, it all began in the Brave New World café in Warsaw. The artist Anna Baumgart and the art historian Professor Andrzej Turowski, who specialises in Russian avant-garde, talked about […]

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  • Jacek Cyganek
  • Jacek Cyganek

    Born in 1961 in Radomsko. Graduated the Łódź Academy of Fine Arts. Diploma under the tutorage of Professor Antoni Starczewski in 1988.

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