Kaleidoscope (Under the Stairs)

Wojciech Tuleya By Wojciech Tuleya

A year ago I visited a dark cellar housing Under the Stairs Gallery where a young painter from Lublin, Małgorzata Jastrzębska, was having her first exhibition in Warsaw. I looked at the walls covered in her hanging paintings and I felt dizzy.

Małgorzata Jastrzębska
Małgorzata Jastrzębska Małgorzata Jastrzębska Małgorzata Jastrzębska

It felt as if someone was holding a giant kaleidoscope tube to my eye and kept on turning it restlessly. Multicoloured circles were spinning, falling out from behind, crossing and bumping into each other. A similar vitality characterises the painting of Robert and Sonia Delaunay, however what I saw there had been executed differently. Małgorzata Jastrzębska has rejected picturesque-ness of orphism. Her forms have sharp edges – one can tell she uses a masking tape when painting to make the separation of the colours unequivocal and definite.

Małgorzata Jastrzębska

Although she paints with a soft brush and oil paints it looks as if she was using a compass and a scalpel. There are mathematics and physics textbooks on the table in her studio.

Małgorzata Jastrzębska

However what makes me most astounded is the fact that her brave, complicated canvases are created without a prior sketched out composition. This artist needs no sketches! Is it because the forms and colours in her paintings are conceived as naturally as thoughts in one’s head?

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