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Wojciech Tuleya By Wojciech Tuleya

I’ll never forget Łukasz’s first visit to our gallery. Two years ago he came in, straight from the street, just like that, with a sheaf of paintings under his arm. When he opened the portfolio and arranged an impromptu exhibition on the floor, I knew immediately that I wanted the pictures to stay. I couldn’t believe their author was just 24 years old. I had in front of me that rare phenomenon, early work which is already mature.

Łukasz Huculak
Łukasz Huculak Łukasz Huculak

Why are the paintings unique? Several simple answers are possible to this question. Łukasz knows art history inside out and enters into a dialogue with it in his work. Łukasz is a meticulous artist: the unerringness of his compositions is a result of many patient trials. Łukasz prefers to contemplate one arrangement of objects for hours than to zap channels.

Łukasz Huculak

Łukasz is youth which has chosen to become involved in serious things – and has enough talent for that.

Łukasz Huculak

What are those still lives really about? Are we really just looking at a jug, a flower pot upside down and a table? That “something” which is beyond the objects slowly reveals itself to our eyes. We all need time to understand it.

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