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Bass Player In A White Suit

Krzysztof Kokoryn Bass Player In A White Suit Size: 50x70

All That Jazz

November 2010

Portraits of musicians, bands and instruments by Krzysztof Kokoryn are being exhibited at the Levekusen Jazz Festival near Cologne. Kokoryn is excellent at translating sounds, rhythm and the concert atmosphere into the language of painting. Being a friend of many musicians (e.g. famous for Voo Voo’s videoclips), he does not paint without music.

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Art in Brief

Splendour, sheer splendour!

April 7, 2013

It’s just impossible to write anything negative about this exhibition. We have to praise it and praise it to the roof. Even if thinking about fabrics and textiles – tapestries, […]

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A fashion animal

March 26, 2013

Fashion Magazine – we are opening a new section of the Art in Brief blog. It’s appearance that matters. And so are your likes and shares. Bogusław Deptuła – A […]

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With a set square

March 12, 2013

The undercoat, the base of your works, is usually very unusual – you opt for old wooden boards and used tracing paper. Why is it so? As the base for […]

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Krzysztof Kokoryn

Krzysztof Kokoryn

Born in 1964 in Szczytno. Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduated in 1993 under tutorage of Prof Rajmund Ziemski.

Picture of the week

Jacek CyganekWhen you speak calmly
Jacek Cyganek : When you speak calmly
  • Jacek Cyganek : When you speak calmly
  • Jacek Cyganek : When you speak calmly
  • Jacek Cyganek : When you speak calmly

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I sit in the chair with my head bent backwards, looking at the ceiling and occasionally closing my eyes for a while, making faces. Now I cover my face with my hands, rubbing my eyes, yawning and poking my eyes. And now I put my fingers into my ears, stroking my ears from the inside. I hold my head and ruffle my hair, I hold it upright, then let it go freely, and it falls down slowly, and then I hold and let it go again and then two more times. Now I put my hands together like in prayer, looking ahead, letting my eyes rest. I am tired, so I bend my head backwards once more. It feels uncomfortable, but I do not change the position.

  • Medium: Tempera on canvas
  • Size: 46 x 36 centimeters
  • Price: PLN 1600


Jacek Łydżba - The Effects of Colours


There are two major effects of Jacek Łydżba’s visit to the Print Room in the University of Warsaw Library. Firstly, there is a series of paintings inspired by the graphic art of Albrecht Dürer, and secondly, the artist’s exhibition on the premises of the University of Warsaw Library. Against the background of grey, concrete walls we will see Łydżba’s interpretations of Dürer’s motifs: plants, angels, landscapes. A bold artistic gesture and the sheer joy of colour.


Coral reefs, or Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea


The paintings by Krzysztof Pająk begin where the light is about to stop.