The Gods of Minecraft

Małgorzata Czyńska By Małgorzata Czyńska

Long live the senses, long live excitement! There is no room for boredom, discouragement or indolence in Dionysus’ procession. What’s more, everyone will find a place for themselves here: they can lose themselves into the joyous crowd or take the lead to impress others and themselves.

Daniel Zarewicz
Daniel Zarewicz Daniel Zarewicz Daniel Zarewicz Daniel Zarewicz

Daniel Zarewicz, an expert in antiquity, an admirer of the Greek gods, himself plays the role of a modern Dionysus and invites us to the great celebration of life, to the great celebration of art.

Daniel Zarewicz

He says that he brought “combination of art with sensitivity and religiousness” out of Greek culture. “These processes are beautifully described by Wiesław Juszczak in his book Realność Bogów [The Reality of the Gods]. It also has to do with colours. It isn’t just about bas-reliefs – it is about seeing the intellectual sensitivity of the Greeks in them, the great liberalism towards human life in the context of the life of the gods, diversity, changeability of shapes, faith in intuition. I try to ensure that there are no repetitions in my collages, and consistent changeability and thematic unpredictability is my strength. My art contains the search for unity in multiplicity, my own, individual voice, while maintaining the transience and lightness of form, which is carried by Eros.”

Daniel Zarewicz

While the idea of dawn and art is based on the praise of antiquity, even the pursuit of beauty, the visual side of these collages is pure and wild Postmodernism. The multitude of inspirations that reality, ideas and the material layer bring, the artist’s insatiable curiosity about this abundance of sources, his endless passion for creation make us immerse ourselves in the world of signs, symbols, totems, the world of pop art and stylistics straight out of the game Minecraft.

Daniel Zarewicz

Colour and forms, forms and colour. Daniel Zarewicz tells the story of the world, interpersonal relations and human emotions using forms and colours.

The artist sums it up best himself: “My art is supposed to give energy, improve the mood and blood circulation. For me, the primary purpose of art is to give mental strength and sensual joy.”

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