On the Silk Road

By Daniel Zarewicz

Improvisations on mythological themes, or patterns on scarves in the artist’s own commentary.

Daniel Zarewicz explains the world in poetic phrases. And it is a world full of lightness and love at its most liberal, a world of beauty and dreams coming true.

Daniel Zarewicz

1. Hieros gamos

Two ravens that are about to peck each other to death for love
there are tastes and preferences, if it tastes good,
they will absorb each other in an act of loving transformation
as written in the alchemical tradition.
They will then be reborn as luminous deities
in the pantheon of Greek gods, Apollo, and Athena.
Such are the gifts of Eros.

Daniel Zarewicz

2. Dance macabre

Is not the sweetness of death desirable,
when such delights await us afterwards.
Dances, frolics, and romps of the merry dead,
it’s an ideal even worth dying for when you’re young.
Death is the card of life, reversed,
as remembered by those who have passed through the gates of Hades –
Orpheus, Heracles, Theseus, Dionysus arrive
to teach us how to drink the nectar of passionate living,
before we sink into the arms of the past.

Daniel Zarewicz

3. Spaceship

Not even Elon Musk has it so good
as to wear the entire vault of the cosmos.
You can don a sky-blue scarf and strike out on your own.
Start your heavenly engines now and glide upwards,
it’s time, it’s KAIROS, because later means never.

Daniel Zarewicz

4. Tribe

You are one of the Mystics on the march to eternal delight.
However, you do not have to kill a cow for sacrifice,
Kill your fears and spit in the pots
of the earthly mother who keeps you at the trough.
In time you will become free and understand
that the gods are your only tribe.

Daniel Zarewicz

5. The kabbalist lion

Only he can teach you pleasure,
the earthly and the heavenly and the marine if you like.
Human life is like an antelope bone bitten by a lion cub
Not even worth the attention of an alpha male.
The lion will teach us to use the tail, mane, and grey cells
To try while you are still alive to see if you can change your fate, laid out
On a lion’s platter.

Daniel Zarewicz

6. Vulva alata

Hail, winged pussy that brings joy
mysterious, clever, and untamed.
You are a wet dream and a harsh curse
for those who have not crossed your threshold.
you are the hairy cavity of all births
Where the key to ascension has always been laid.

Daniel Zarewicz

7. Penis pantocrator

O fountain that sates so many lives with living water
Equally generously rewarding those chosen with delight
Come joyful, fragrant, and prominent
To rule us, and to the timid
let Priapus come, your servant,
so that they may forever unlearn false modesty.

Daniel Zarewicz

8. The alchemy of love

You can eat the whole periodic table of elements
and die of overeating
or fall in love and take a booster every day.
the choice is yours.
Choose the latter!

Daniel Zarewicz

9. Warsaw queer

The Żoliborz Mermaid from Mickiewicza Street
who sneaks out on dates at night?
assisted by the police,
after all, Eros knows no borders or cordons,
There’s not a popinjay in the village
he has not checked off,
because he knows that pecunia non olet
hence his reputation and fame in the city,
which will quickly fade away.

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