Wojciech Tuleya By Wojciech Tuleya

Adam Korszun likes to paint portraits. Their main characters are Girls – that is, closer and farther acquaintances of the artist, friends, dwellers of Biała-Podlaska. Adam conducts a never-ending casting session in his native town.

Adam Korszun
Adam Korszun Adam Korszun

He is not only a painter but also a photographer. Although he has only an old Zenith at his disposal, the girls willingly make appointments for their sessions. They are getting quite involved in the posing that they’re doing; actually, they are Adam’s Muses – for, after all, he is an Artist. And, some dream of a model’s career over there, in Warsaw.

Adam Korszun

What Adam also paints is actress’ portraits. True, he knows these movie stars only from a TV screen, but this does not bother him at all. Adam would photograph the TV screen, and then paint a Catherine Denevue or a Marlene Dietrich.

Adam Korszun

Adam is a great daydreamer. At the same time, he is an excellent portraitist and a master of the early maniera tenebrosa. Wandering about the Girls’ faces, the faces emerging from darkness, are some subtle reflections of light. Their source, though, is not an olive lamp, as it used to be in the seventeenth century, but a TV screen instead.

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