Fabrique en Pologne a la francaise

Małgorzata Czyńska By Małgorzata Czyńska

A Paris-based Concept Store owned by Mateusz Korczyński – normally a boutique offering clothes, gadgets, music, newspapers and magazines – is periodically transformed into an art gallery, which, in July, housed an exhibition of paintings by Tomasz Karabowicz.

Tomasz Karabowicz
Tomasz Karabowicz Tomasz Karabowicz Tomasz Karabowicz

Located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, near the Place de Clichy, at 26 Biot Street, a small Korczyński Polish Concept Store attracts Polish artists – fashion designers, publishers of fringe and alternative magazines, painters and graphic artists – as well as trend hunters from all over the world. French journalists have already proclaimed this place a Polish Colette (after the most famous and prestigious French concept store).

Tomasz KarabowiczTomasz Karabowicz

Korczyński proves that Polish fashion and art do not lag behind the rest of the world.

Tomasz Karabowicz

The exhibition: Tomasz Karabowicz – paintings.
Korczyński Polish Concept Store
, Rue Biot 26, Paris

Selected works

    • Self Portrait

      • Medium: Oil on Canvas
      • Size: 50 x 65 centimeters
      • Price: PLN 4500

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    • Still life

      • Medium: Oil on Canvas
      • Size: 105 x 86 centimeters
      • Price: PLN 7000

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