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Katarzyna Swinarska By Katarzyna Swinarska

Dobry Maneger (Good Manager) is Katarzyna Swinarska’s painting, the name of which has been taken from the press information.

Katarzyna Swinarska
Katarzyna Swinarska Katarzyna Swinarska Katarzyna Swinarska

‘In one of those colourful magazines I read that ‘Jessica X. washed her hair only twice a week.’ Confusion and embarrassment...

Katarzyna Swinarska

Another paragraph said that ‘her manager firmly denied that...’ Phew! What a relief! What a manager! I love the guy, so I am painting him – a dark-haired hunk, a bit scruffy, a heavy drinker. He’s smoking a cigarette and neither doing nor saying too much... He’s there to deny and quash any malicious gossip on the artist and that’s enough. This is how a mixture of coincidental feelings contributes to the making of a painting, although normally for inspiration I first look for photos not text. And rarely do I paint men. Women are much more expressive. Still, I cannot imagine being in my study with a woman, or even worse... asking her to undress and sit motionless. It must be exceptionally humiliating, simply cruel and, frankly speaking, not very natural either.

Katarzyna Swinarska

I do prefer to use photos. And we are all surrounded by them, aren’t we? These days people never stop taking photos with their mobile phones. That’s our world and this world inspires me.’

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