Coral reefs, or Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Wojciech Tuleya By Wojciech Tuleya

The paintings by Krzysztof Pająk begin where the light is about to stop. At first, there is the dive into the abyss – the big blue, navy blue – almost blackness, darkness. Next comes the experience of a brand new world of coral reefs. A revelation, a fairytale, a day-dream, the pulsation of colour, and sensuality so different from the one on the surface.

Krzysztof Pająk
Krzysztof Pająk Krzysztof Pająk Krzysztof Pająk

Just like real coral reefs, the artists creates the compositions of paintings, the installations, full of complex and unique eco-systems. The series entitled ‘Coral Reefs’ was conceived between 2006 and 2013, out of his fascination with the elements, which is typical of Pająk. And it’s not only about the elements of nature, since these works may be interpreted in numerous ways – to discover the lights and architecture of metropolises or lost civilisations, to go even further by wading into the symbolism of light representing day, birth or life, and darkness embodying decline, death and mystery.

Krzysztof Pająk

Krzysztof Pająk’s art is full of references to natural history and the history of culture. It’s a mélange of threads, motifs and symbols. As always, Pająk explores chaos, seeking logic and harmony.

Krzysztof Pająk

In this exhibition light and colour play the leading roles, but it’s the ultraviolet light, however, that allows us to see more, and in a different manner. The interesting painting matter and the intriguing impression result from the imaginativeness of the author and his knowledge of technology.

Krzysztof Pająk

“Ultraviolet light is the main constituent of the exhibition, since it forms relationships between colours and space,’ says the artists. ‘The exhibition is a pure demonstration of light, while the paintings themselves take the form of defragmented colourful matrixes.

Krzysztof Pająk

On the seemingly vibrant surfaces of the neon hues I am trying to reach the state of equilibrium, tranquillity, order and clarity. In my own way I am trying to revive the belief in the beauty and the harmony of the surrounding world”.


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