Dominika Krechowicz By Dominika Krechowicz

There is in Mlacki’s painting a misleading image of objects giving the impressions of real things (trompe d'oeil). This can often be seen on wall paintings which give an illusionof three-dimensional elements of the architecture. This used to occur also in the illusionists painting (Pompeii, Rome, Baroque period). Although Mlacki does not paint ‘objectively’, objects do play an important part in his work. He creates an object, changes it, makes a single object the main theme of the picture. […]

Dariusz MląckiDariusz MląckiDariusz MląckiDariusz MląckiDariusz Mlącki

Another important element in Mlacki’s art is colour. He uses a restricted palette of whites, grays, ocher and blacks. One gets no pleasure in his paintings from just incidental arrangements. The colour remains refined and ascetic. It helps in creating space and illusion and first of all, the mood. […] Like the Italian painters, Mlacki is interested in the problems of light in pictures. Light, symbolizing immateriality and eternity is always present in his pictures. We even get an irrational feeling that his paintings emanate their light!

Mlacki believes that transforming paint into colour, colour into light, light into space, space into meaning is a never-ending desire to achieve a harmony, co-sounding, consonance, a perfect form.

Selected works

    • Towers

      • Medium: Acrylic on cork
      • Size: 52 x 57 centimeters
      • Price: PLN 2900

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    • Four Seasons

      • Medium: Oil on Canvas
      • Size: 60 x 60 centimeters
      • Price: PLN 3500

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