Martyna Merkel’s Vision

Zuzanna Ciszewska By Zuzanna Ciszewska

Early-spring is my favourite season of the year. You can feel the scent of departing winter in the air and see the upcoming spring in the shy rays of sun. I think about Botticelli then. About his Primavera, Venus and Judith. About spring being a woman.

Martyna Merkel

And women being spring. The beginning of everything and the synonym for birth. There is no doubt that we are unique and irreplaceable. We love harder, our senses are sharper, we show emotions differently. Maybe it is just a coincidence but are we not able to experience beauty because we are so sensitive? We can stare out the window for hours, looking at the sun, rain, snow and leaves, beauty, ugliness, everything... And then most of us (about 95%) want to keep it forever. We get our phones and snap away, write emotional letters and colourful entries in our diaries. We regret that we cannot reach for brushes. Because God has given us many talents, completely forgetting about painting. But, if you can paint, grab your brushes and get inspired by Martyna Merkel’s landscapes.

Some people like everything to be obvious, even in painting. A house should be a house, a human a human, a sea a sea and a meadow a meadow. Not leaving anything for the imagination they feel safe because they are facing reality and reason. They do not fly away, they do not drown, they do not have to look for another meaning and they can be calm and composed. Martyna is one of those people who nurture her deeper sensitivity, as if knowing that if she looks out the window and sees everything for exactly what it is the whole process of looking will be pointless. After all, we were not given sight to be blind for what is hidden. Martyna looks through colours, light and shape. Narrowing her eyes, she allows the sights to merge together, trespass each other, form a ready, untouchable composition. She takes their beauty, mystery and emotion. A house is a house, a sea is a sea and a meadow is a meadow. Her house, her sea and her meadow.

You can feel spring in Martyna Merkel’s work. Warm, smelling of earth, full of co-lour that you miss during winter. I like looking at her landscapes and smiling, thinking that I am somehow connected with them. In the end I always tie myself to things that are close to nature, even just my nature. It is worth to look closer, it is not that difficult. After all, us women we always look for another meaning.

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