Colour games

Wojciech Tuleya By Wojciech Tuleya

Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska has just turned ninety of age. But her exhibition Colour games is not an occasional hand-made birthday greetings card. Although it is but one of some three hundred exhibitions in which she has taken part, it is an unique event indeed.

Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska
Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska

I was offered the first opportunity to visit this painter’s studio seven years ago. There were so many paintings dating back to my grandparents’ or parents’ youth years. But this was not the primary source of my astonishment: I could also see several new canvases there! Ms. Matuszczyk was on the verge of yet another adventure of her creative life, namely, a cycle of mosaic-style paintings. Colour games attempts now at presenting that enormous effort.

Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska

Those late works by Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańskiej appeared to be a revelation. They are full of juvenile power, and they are mature at the same time. Each canvass was for the artist the starting point for another round of her game with colours. And, she is to be the unquestionable and incontestable winner of all the rounds.

Zofia Matuszczyk-Cygańska

By means of her Colour games, this unique painter has added a supplement of her own to the history of Polish colourism.

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