Painting of the Year 2001

By Art & Business

Dear lovers of Mikołaj Kasprzyk’s painting art,

Mikołaj Kasprzyk

It is a real great pleasure for me to notify you that the Main Prize in the contest Painting of the Year 2001 was awarded to a work by Mikołaj Kasprzyk. The contest is held by ‘Art & Business’, a leading Polish visual arts magazine. The amount of prize money is shocking: 100,000 Zloty (US$ 24,000). Since 1992, Mikołaj Kasprzyk has been contributing to ‘ART’ Gallery under the aegis of the Warsaw District, Association of Polish Visual Artists (ZPAP). The international cast of the contest jury included:

Pierre Restany, Chairman of the Jury
Based in Paris, Mr. Restany is an art historian, considered to be Europe’s and world’s leading authority in art criticism. During his long life he was shaping the styles, trends, and careers of several 20th-century classics. He promoted the French New Realism (Césare, Dubuffet, and others). Member of authority bodies of Association Internationale des Critiques d’Art (AICA).

Evelyn Weiss, PhD
Ms. Weiss has a professional record as a lecturer in the University of Sorbonne, Paris, also as an assistant (junior lecturer) to Prof. Chastel. Since 1986, she has been Deputy Director of Ludwig Museum of Köln, Europe’s most important private contemporary art. museum. She acted several times as a German participation commissary in the Sao-Paulo Biennial. Since 1995, Member of the AICA Management Board; Vice-President of AICA (since 1990). Since 1997, she has been acting as an expert in art serving the purposes of the Parliament and its accompanying buildings.

Prof. Saverio Simi de Burgis
Based in Venice, he is an art critic and theoretician. Professor with the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, he has authored a number of books and articles devoted to contemporary art.

Title: Monologue
Technique: oil, canvas
Size: 140x200 cm
Signed “Mikołaj Kasprzyk”


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