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Łukasz Majcherowicz : Postcard
Magdalena Sawicka : Touch LXXII (72)
Martyna Merkel : Landscape
Magdalena Sawicka : Touch LIX (59)
Łukasz Huculak : Saenredam II
Jolanta Wagner : Video
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Łukasz Majcherowicz : Meander

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Łukasz Majcherowicz


November 2018

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Łukasz Majcherowicz

Łukasz Majcherowicz

Born in 1965 in Warsaw. Studied first at the State College of Visual Arts in Poznan and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduated in 1991 under tutorage of Prof Stefan Gierowski and Prof Edward Tarkowski. He works as a teaching assistant at the mural painting workshop at his alma mater.