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Lady and tram

Jacek Łydżba Lady and tram Size: 130x150


For those who are seeking new places, experiences and heights. For art connoisseurs and party animals. Jacek Łydżba’s exhibition in Soho Factory – the trendiest destination in Warsaw’s Praga – is an invitation to enter an energetic orbit of painting. Łydżba seduces his audience with bold colours and a repertoire of his favourite motifs. This is going to be a gathering of gorgeous female cyclists, tamed wolves and cult aeroplanes. For one evening that huge post-industrial hall will be filled with paintings and Jacek’s male and female fans. The guests will also have a chance to enjoy beer and live music.

Jacek Łydżba : Orbiting


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Jacek Łydżba


April 2011

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We'll kiss each other's lips

The exhibition of paintings by Katarzyna Swinarska entitled “Pocałujmy się w usta” ('We'll kiss each other's lips')

The exhibition of paintings by Katarzyna Swinarska entitled “Pocałujmy się w usta” ('We'll kiss each other's lips') touches upon the issues of street sensitivity and romanticism: film characters, people from billboards and graffiti on flaky walls – is this not what shapes our dreams and desires?. The title of the exhibition comes from the poem by Halina Poświatowka 'Eternal FInale'.


I’ve been promising paradise
but it’s not the truth
for I’ll lead you into hell
into redness – into pain

we won’t stroll through blissful gardens
nor peek through cracks
to watch peonies and hyacinths blossom –
what we’ll do is lie on the ground
by the gates of the devil’s palace

like angels we’ll flutter
our wings of darkened syllables
and sing a song
of simple human love

in the glimmer of light
seeping in from there
we’ll kiss each other’s lips
whisper goodnight
fall asleep

in the morning – a guard will chase us
from a battered park bench
and with a horrid laugh
point – at an apple core
by the roots of the tree

(Translated by Maya Peretz)

Jacek Łydżba

Jacek Łydżba

Born in 1966 in Włoszczowa. Studied at College of Visual Arts in Czestochowa and the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. Graduated (Distinction) in 1989 in the poster art under tutorage of Prof Maciej Urbaniec. In 1999 nominated for a Passport Award by magazine “Polityka”. He has been working in the Jan Długosz University in Częstochowa since 1995.