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Edward Dwurnik

About ArtistEdward Dwurnik

Edward Dwurnik

Born in 1943 in Radzymin.
Studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, painting with Prof Eugeniusz Eibisch and sculpture with Prof Jerzy Jarnuszkiewicz.
Graduated in 1970 under tutorage of Prof Krystyna Łada-Studnicka.

Edward Dwurnik

He is one of the greatest Polish contemporary painters. His work is strongly rooted in his native reality and his views are critical, close to satire. He expressively illustrates everyday life – a “Polish mug”; he also paints abstracts and recently nudes of pregnant women too. Dwurnik’s main trend for the past forty years has been a series entitled “Hitch-hiking” - bird’s eye views of cities and towns. Those works, painted with a characteristic mannerism, remind one of Nikifor’s naïve paintings.

The drawings from 1966-69 exhibited in the Art Gallery are only a microscopic part of his huge oeuvre. However, those early intimate drawings make up a real ‘portrait of the artist’s early years’ when as an Arts Academy student, broke, he used to travel around Poland and draw in pencil endless landscapes – one after another, as if he was in trance.